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  • Espresso Italia Variety Pack - 200 Value Pack

Espresso Italia Variety Pack - 200 Value Pack

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Item Form: Pods
Brand: Espresso Italia
Flavor: Espresso
Roast Level: Light_roast
Package Information: Can

About this item

  • ☕ BE YOUR OWN BARISTA In 1884, Italians created the expresso coffee, and since then, the world tries to mimic its genuine flavor. Expresso Italia Nespresso pods are recyclable, convenient, comes in 7 different intensities, and will fit your Nespresso Original Line Machine with precision. Made with selected grains, our espresso pods are fresh, rich in flavor, and blend very well—a practical way to drink coffee beverages from capsules, made as a tribute, to traditional Italian coffee.

  • ☕ INDULGE WITH CONFIDENCE Brew your own coffee takes time, and you end up missing up in variety and consistency. Our Nespresso capsules are practical, convenient, tightly sealed, recyclable, and get you an authentic gourmet expresso in 2-3 minutes. Rich, malty, toasty, and with an intense aroma, each single-serve coffee capsules & pods contain the same ingredients, ensuring the exact delicious taste every time. Enjoy your guilty pleasure, using one of the best coffee blends in the world.

  • ☕ YOUR FRESH PICK ME UP Beautifully packed and with a wide range of intensity – 5 to 12, including intenso and decaf, our Nespresso espresso pods go from medium to dark roast, and different blends of Italian specialties. This coffee pods Nespresso is perfectly sized to make an outstanding ristretto, espresso, or lungo at home or office, with zero leftovers and fresh shots around the clock. It comes with 10 capsules per set and a hearty flavor from the best coffee capsules you ever had.

  • ☕ LIFE IS TOO SHORT Forget the standing in line, the drive-thrus, and the guilt of spending too much on chain cups. Expresso Italia brought the European feeling along with an artistic technique and really great tasting coffee pods. Our Nespresso pods decaffeinated has no effort, no time investment, no cleaning, just a bold, rich, dark, creamier, and foamier coffee that doesn't disappoint and smells amazing. Life is too short for that bitter after-taste; give yourself a legit caffeinated bliss.

  • ☕EXPECTATIONS MET OR YOUR MONEY BACK Espresso Italia created coffee capsules for Nespresso machines with top grains, selected from qualified worldwide plantations, with two roasting processes, avant-garde expertise, and leading-edge structure. As coffee lovers, we stand behind the excellence of our brand with convenience, quality, and tradition, and we promise to provide the best product and service around or your money back. They call us COFFEEFANATICS, and we are okay with that!.