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  • 50 Ct Nespresso Chocolate Pods Italian
  • 50 Ct Nespresso Chocolate Pods Italian
  • 50 Ct Nespresso Chocolate Pods Italian
  • 50 Ct Nespresso Chocolate Pods Italian
  • 50 Ct Nespresso Chocolate Pods Italian
  • 50 Ct Nespresso Chocolate Pods Italian

50 Ct Nespresso Chocolate Pods Italian

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Item Form: Pods
Brand: Capsucup
Flavor: Chocolate
Roast Level: Dark_roast
Unit Count: 50.00 Count

About this item

  • COMFORT IN A CUP: Sometimes you crave a quick chocolate fix, but your waistline is saying no, satisfy your taste buds without the guilt with Cupella Nespresso Chocolate Capsules. Made with low-fat cocoa, skimmed milk, and a rich, luxurious, and delicious taste to bring back all those childhood memories while keeping calories down. One pack comes with 50 hot chocolate pods to serve the whole family! Garnish your kids' hot coco with whipped cream or marshmallows & earn another best mom badge!.

  • YOUR ITALIAN TREAT: Gift your soul with a premium gourmet hot chocolate today. Our hot chocolate pods have exceptional quality, a seductive, strong cocoa taste, and will never clog the spout or overflow your Nespresso hot chocolate maker. Bold, full, thick, and made with the artizan Italian tradition of a wintertime staple, this package of hot chocolate pods, will surpass all chocoholic's expectations. A Nespresso hot chocolate pod, that is everything the best hot chocolate should be.

  • ONE POD AT A TIME: A crazy pod hot coco lover, cares about the world we leave behind. Made from food-grade Polypropylene, our Chocolate Nespresso compatible hot chocolate pods are designed to offer an exceptional flavor, sustainably. Our hot pods melt quickly while producing a smooth, creamy chocolate drink without the graininess of cocoa-based products. During holidays, Christmas, or every morning, sip sweet epic pods & join our mission to preserve the earth with every hot chocolate pod sold.

  • YOUR DOSE OF HAPPINESS: Thin, watery, bland, and the after-taste present on many hot cocoa pods doesn't belong to the world of the Italian chocolatiers of Cupella. Our Nespresso hot chocolate capsule is convenient, fun, and tastes just like the original candy. With cocoa as its main ingredient, the dark and rich texture of these compostable Nespresso pods, is nothing short of the best for your hot cocoa station! Let the aroma of our pods whisk you away to a happy & cozy chocolate paradise.

  • AN UNFORGETTABLE TASTE OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We understand, like no other, the Italian secret of a premium cup of chocolate drink: thicker and creamier, they should taste amazing and make you smile after every sip; Made in Italy with Love and superior ingredients, to deliver an outstanding experience in each serving, this is Cupella. We promise to offer the best product and service around. Add our Italian Chocolate hot cocoa Nespresso to your cart and try our customer service that always rocks!.